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  • Shiloh Rose

Alexis + Taishiro | Mound, Minnesota Engagement

Alexis and I met in college while working at Wellington’s Pub and Grill. Some of my favorite memories were in the building, being a waitress and getting to hang out with some of the best coworkers known to man! Alexis always had a smile on and was one of my favorites to work with. We always had lots to laugh and talk about as we compared school work and extra curricular activities.

I was so excited when I found out she was getting married and couldn't wait to meet the man that help up to her expectations. I drove up to their cute home in Mound, Minnesota where we went out onto the lake to take a few pictures. Both of them love fishing, so it was the best backdrop for our adventure session!

While out on the lake, I didn't realize that if you go by cattails, the water is most likely not thick enough to stand on, and before I knew it, on my my legs go shooting down into the water! Needless to say, I am SO thankful it didn't happen to Alexis or Tai, and much rather would have had me the one who fell in. It makes for a great story and we all had a good laugh about it after the fact. It didn't stop me from capturing their love story though!



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