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  • Shiloh Rose

Abigail | Senior Photo Session | Merrick State Park, Wisconsin

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

This little lady and I trekked out to Merrick State Park in Fountain City, Wisconsin for the evening and boy was it worth it! The golden glow of these past few days has been so incredibly beautiful. But not as beautiful as Abigail ;) Just look at that smile! Gorgeous. It's been such a fun time getting to know you over the past few years, and I'm SO excited for volleyball season to start because GIRL YOU'RE GOING TO CRUSH IT! Thanks for letting me take your senior photos!

I cannot begin to explain to you all the joy it brings me to be able to take photos and video! I never thought growing up that I wanted to be behind the camera (let’s be honest, I like attention and feel that the camera should be pointed at me, always 😂) but these past few years, and this year in particular has brought me in connection with so many wonderful humans who trust me to capture their personality! Such a blessing and I’m a happy girl, so keep the photo/video sessions coming! 🤗



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