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  • Shiloh Rose

The Marshall Family | Winona, Minnesota Family Photographer

I met this lovely family through work and they are filled with personality and energy. While we were running around Tim and Noelle's land, the kids were all over the place! Lilly brought along her two guinea pigs, Maple and Willow, who you can tell she just absolutely adores. The smile they brought to her face was so genuine and sweet and you can tell she loves them so very much! Noelle has the sweetest personality and reads books like it's her day job! If you ever need a good recommendation, I'd highly recommend reaching out to her because hot dang, I swear there isn't a book that's been written she hasn't read. Tim is the owner of Enlightened Equipment, a company that creates ultralight camping gear and if you are into the outdoors, definitely check out their gear because it's all handmade right here in Winona!



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