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  • Shiloh Rose

Katie + Jacob | Outdoor Wedding Ceremony | Celebrations on the River | Lacrosse, Wisconsin

This Wedding Day. These people. It was such a party! Katie and Jacob, ya'll are the freaking BEST! There was no dull moment on the wedding day and Katie, you KILLED it with your makeup and that dress was made for you!! You two have such a beautiful love story and you can see the twinkle in their eyes when you talk about each other. Katie, you are a music wizard! Played DJ all night long is no joke and you created a banging playlist. The entire guest list was basically on the dance floor all night long, so you had that going for ya. (Katie, I think you have a new calling ;) ) Jacob, thank you for your service in the US military and thank you for loving Katie so well! You two are a match made in Heaven and Lord knows you are in for a wild adventure with her! Photographer: Hailey Marie Photography | Venue: Celebrations on the River



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