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  • Shiloh Rose

Janelle + Chris | Colorado Springs, CO | Adventure Session

I love these two, with my entire heart. They are adventurous. Generous. Full of life. And everything else you could want in a couple! I’ve known Janelle since my freshman year of college and have always had a beautiful friendship with her. She is sassy, loving, caring, wild, and free spirited. To say we are two peas in a pod, I really feel is an understatement.

She met Chris while playing sand volleyball and I knew from the get go when they were “just friends” that is was going to be WAY more than that! He is just as weird, goofy and is a good balance to all of Janelle’s crazy (I mean that in the BEST way possible of course!)

Chuck and I had been itching to take a road trip and these two seemed like the perfect candidates to travel with! We hopped into our Ford Escape and hit the road of Colorado. We stayed in a cute little tiny house in Woodland Park, just outside of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The amount of hiking in that area blew my mind. I knew I always loved being in the mountains, and this trip really solidified that for me. We woke up each day, did a little work on our computers, planned out the days adventures, and then hit the trails! By the time we got back to the AirBnb, we were pooped, made ourselves dinner, watched a movie on Netflix, went to bed and did it all over again the next day.



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