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  • Shiloh Rose

Jake + Kelsey | Wedding Videography | Strum, Wisconsin

I love being around these two so much! Years ago when I was working for a video production company, I met Jake after he had applied for a position working with our small team. We filmed a couple wedding together, he was super easy to chat with and get along with. I heard so many wonderful things about Kelsey before having the chance to meet her, and I can see why Jake is so enamorated with her. She truely is wonderful! When they asked if Chuck and I would be willing to film their wedding, despite COVID, we couldn't say no! It was perfect in so many ways (outside of Kelsey's knarly knee injury). The weather was amazing, the sunset was amazing, the fireworks were amazing, the shear joy expressed from friends and family was amazing! Congratulations to the two of you!! Jake + Kelsey: you two are PERFECT for each other!



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