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  • Shiloh Rose

Hiking with Friends

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

I'm convinced there is nothing better to do with my time, talents and mornings than a sunrise hike in the bluffs, mountains, or the beach. There is something that just draws me to the colorful sky that lights up the darkness. The new dawn breaking streaks of light into the coldness. It never gets old. Though, I will be the first to admit that I'm not a morning person. I would like to think that could change over time, but I have yet to see it happen. But mornings like these. Mornings like these are always worth it. I'm thankful to have friends who are willing to brave the brisk fall air with me, who remember to bring a thermos full of coffee to warm our chilled bones, and who never cease to make me to appreciate life. So my encouragement to you, is to break away from those thoughts and ideas you've convinced yourself you just "can't do" and show yourself that it IS POSSIBLE. You CAN wake up early, you CAN get that one rep max, you CAN cook without burning everything in sight. It's all possible, and with the help of some friends, you'll be ready to rock your next goal!



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