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  • Shiloh Rose

Ciara + Colton | Whitewater State Park | Engagement Session

There are some couples I get to work with there we just instantly connect, and I really felt like that was true with Ciara & Colton. We adventured to Whitewater State Park and all the trees were putting on a show being so lush and green! We had great cloud coverage and with a thunderstorm looming in the distance, that didn't stop us from heading out on the trails. Ciara was a complete lady boss when she trekked the couple mile hike in 3 inch heels!! Not even once did it look like she was going to sprain an ankle, and we learned a good lesson that day: always recommend hiking shoes and pack the heels in my backpack until needed! These two claim they aren't good at posing, but HOT DANG did they look good in front of the camera! Chuck and I can not WAIT until their wedding in May!! Cheers to you Ciara and Colton and your engagement!!



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